It’s time to stop
working with files

Productivity suites have evolved to meet our needs.
Managing and storing information has not.

Files make our
work manual

The way we work with files hasn't changed since the 80’s. Even with modern cloud services, we still suffer through repetitive manual tasks that come with files.

Files are a burden
on collaboration

We’re flooded with collaboration tools. All claiming to help us work better, together. The one thing they all still rely on? Files. The roadblock to true team work.

Files imprison
our information

All of the information we create using productivity suites is stored in files. Making our information siloed and static. We end up creating information for the sake of creating it, never using it in any decision making process.

What if we could
work without files?

Work with information,
not files.

With Source, a productivity suite app is like a browser. Use it for creating and editing. Our cards handle the information. Store and insert content right from your documents. Think GitHub for office suites.

Information, wherever
it’s needed.

Source brings people and information together. It bridges collaboration across productivity suites and tools. Everything is always in sync as the info evolves throughout your projects.

All your information,

No more digging around unstructured files for your information. Source keeps all your data in one secure place, easily accessible anywhere you need it. Spend less time searching and more time finding.

What can Source
do for you?

Document files are so common, we can’t even think of everything they are used for.
Help us make your work fileless.